Olydeniz-smallHey there! I am Ksenija, plantbased foodie, chatterbox, marketing professional, passionate travel bird and host of this blog. I was born in Russia, I was raised in Germany, I have lived in China and I have lived in France. I travelled to Rome and LA, to Dublin  and The Hague, through Marocco and to Istanbul as well as some other places. And everywhere I ate.

My favorite thing about exploring foreign countries and cultures can be served on a plate. Oh those treasures I have come across: from my great-grandmas watruschkis, Russian yeast pastries filled with mashed potatoes or curd cheese, to the smokey flavors of the typical Istanbul meze eggplant puree, served with olive oil and lemon, to 煎饼, my favorite Chinese breakfast, a crepe prepared on a hot stone in the streets of Shanghai. I devoured them bite by bite and kept them in my memory, planing to recreate some of the deliciousness back in my own kitchen. 

Through my cooking journey, hunting for recipes online, I have found the food and health blogger community and started to share my kitchen adventures on my own little space in the web a few years ago. I blogged about my passion for healthy living, about my recipe creations, about my profession (digital marketing), about personal experiences and about my travels. Some months I blogged more consistently than others and I created my own little hodgepodge of stories and memories. But earlier this year I had to learn the hard way, how important a backup can be. The senior, my long time companion and loyal notebook, bit the dust. While I started a new job and did not find the time to organize a replacement my hosting service ran out. I did not notice until 1 day after the deadline for reviving the old content and everything I did on my blog those past years was lost. I cried a bit, I pout a bit and when my coworkers told me about archive.org I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, saving some recipes and creating a blog format, which I feel suits me best. 

This new version of With an Open Mind will be a combination of my passion for foreign cuisines and healthy living. I will recreate some of my travel finds with a healthy twist and introduce traditionally healthy and plantbased recipes, which I love and prepare on a regular base. I will share some of my travels and eats, but mostly will I cook and create and invite you to my kitchen and my table. So that we can sit and eat and share our stories. Please stay and be my guest.

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  1. HI Ksenija,

    My name is Kelsey and I work on the POPSUGAR editorial team alongside our editors to find and bring original content from around the web to all of our sites. Our Food team is creating a post featuring fast and easy pumpkin recipes and would like to feature a photo of your Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Bake recipe (http://www.with-an-open-mind.com/pumpkin-pie-breakfast-bake/) in exchange for credit and a link back to your site. Would you mind if we share your image on our site, and if so can you confirm you own all rights to the image. We also would like to confirm you’re ok with this post potentially being syndicated by our partners, including MSN and Yahoo.

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    Kelsey Kennick

    • Hi Kelsey,
      no problem – I would love you to feature the recipe and the pictures are all mine.
      Kind regards,

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