Hey there, I am Ksenija, a 24 year old blogger, foodie, TV series binger, coffee addicted and mostly cheerful student from Germany.

  • I have a BA in Economics and East Asian Studies and stayed abroad in Shanghai for one semester.
  • I am close to finishing my MA in International Management, with marketing focus
  • I am passionate about healthy living, social responsibility and sustainability
  • I do work part time in the marketing department of a private university
  • I’ll spend a semester abroad in France, starting January 2014
  • I dream of making a career in online marketing, being part of a company that engages in a field I am passionate about 

For more random facts about me read on here.

This blog started out in July 2011 under the title “Health Ninja”, but since I and thus the topics I enjoy to write about changed and broadened I decided to rename it to “An Open Mind”.  You can read more about my decision here.

Previously it was mostly dedicated to healthy living topics. You can read all about my personal health story here.

Now I want to share more about my life, staying abroad in France for half a year, my passion for online marketing, making the step from student to full time employee and creating myself a life to love.

Three more “people” I’d like to quickly introduce since I will mention there names without explanation in my posts:

Jay, the boyfriend, carnivore and cat-person, with a huge passion for retro-gaming.

Sina, the best friend, biggest heart on earth and dog-person, with a huge passion for make up and other girly things.  

Lou, the cat, sneaky-plant-eater, too-fluffy-not-to-cuddle, always begging for attention.

All that is left to say: Nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy your stay and feel welcome to leave a comment or send me a mail.

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