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Is it Friday? Is it my last day of thesis writing? Am I excited? Yes, yes and YES! Another reason to be excited? Today's Healthy Living in a Nutshell post comes from a very special British lady... but let's have a look back first: The series has made it through a whole month already and (including today) four health heroes of mine contributed their inspiring healthy living approach. If you did miss one of them, here is your chance to catch up:

healthy living in a nutshell

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Today I am proud to announce that Laura, a well-experienced expert when it comes to Healthy Living, shares her story and take on health with us. She has been successfully blogging over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish for over 4 years now and has started her own Health Coaching business Uniquely Healthy after becoming a certified health coach. Her thoughtful posts are always such an inspiration and I am delighted to have her over today!


First of all big thanks to Ksenija for asking me to take part in her Healthy Living in a Nutshell series!

Laura Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish

I’ve been blogging at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish for a little over 4 years now. I started the blog after I’d lost a lot of weight as a way to help me maintain my weight loss. I fell in love with blogging and the healthy living blogger community and discovered so many new things. I started running and signed up for my first half marathon, became vegetarian and then eventually vegan. For a while I felt great but it soon became apparent that I was taking ‘healthy living’ a little too far. I had lost a lot more weight and was starting to realise that my love of healthy food and exercise had turned into a bit of an obsession.

When my periods stopped I knew I had to take action. Up until that point I had believed that veganism was the healthiest choice, but now I started to question that. I reintroduced eggs and diary and eventually meat and fish into my diet and my health gradually improved. I also reduced my exercise and even stopped running. I gained weight, but my health improved dramatically. At the same time I had just started to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. That opened by eyes to a concept known as bio individuality, or simply put, different things worked for different people. I became really passionate about an individualised approach to health and even called my new business Uniquely Healthy in celebration of that.

Healthy Living Laura

I do believe that health is different for everyone as an individual and that each of us is on a journey to discover what that is. For me, my healthy is all about balance. I know I could be smaller and slimmer if I wanted to be, but I would need to be eating a fairly restricted diet and exercising a lot to get there. For me it’s just not worth it when I can be perfectly healthy at a bigger size and have a much better quality of life. Embracing my body as it is – not particularly desirable as far as society might be concerned, but healthy, is more far important. 

When it comes to food I don’t have ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, I can appreciate that certain foods are good for my body, but at the same time I know that other foods are good for my soul. I never again want to turn down a slice of birthday cake when celebrating with a friend! Food is such a big part of life I believe it should be enjoyed. Thankfully healthy food can be just as tasty, if not more so, than less healthy food – so achieving that balance of good for my body and good for my soul foods is easier!

When it comes to exercise I try and move my body in a way that I enjoy. Sometimes that might be a gym workout, yoga, going for a walk, hula hooping and occasionally accepting that rest and relaxation is going to add more to my health and happiness. 

At the same time as loving and accepting my body, I sometimes want to get back to a healthier place after a period of indulgences such as a holiday. I never diet, but instead I ‘dial up’ all my healthier habits. For me, thinking of things like a dial instead of a diet switch is a useful way of conceptualising the habits needed for healthy weight loss without falling into the ‘all or nothing’ trap.

So I guess my version of healthy, in a nutshell is this: eat good for your body foods most of the time, with a few good for your soul foods thrown in for good measure. Move your body in a way that you enjoy. Love your body, even if you want to change it, because it’s the only one you’ve got!

If you could sum up your version of healthy in a couple of sentences what would it be? 


Thank you so much Laura for sharing your thoughts on the topic! Also this amazing lady recently spilled the beans on an exciting life event – Congratulations Laura, we all cannot wait to meet your lovely baby this autumn! If you want to follow this health hero of mine for more healthy living updates and life stories, she is social ;) :


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  1. Seriously adore this lady and her views on what healthy living means. In fact, she basically summed up my thoughts on it exactly :D

  2. Thanks again for featuring me Ksenija!

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