What I Ate Wednesday {in France #7}

Happy Wednesday foodie friends! Welcome to another edition of me eating my way through France - or at least through my university's cafeteria, since I am basically living there (here actually - guess where I am right now) this week. Also being busy doing brain work all the time with the only exercise of heading to the vending machine to get more coffee I surely noticed a decrease in appetite. It's fine, I'll make up for it starting Saturday, when my mom, Jay and - surprisingly - also my favorite aunt will come! Remember the aunt I have been to Istanbul with and who I did visit last September? She spontaneously decided to join my mom for a few days. So we surely will take a few day trips and enjoy delicious French food. But let's talk about What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday, first - and I hope you forgive me, that I'll keep it short today, with due date being on Friday and having a surprise ok, I knew it 2 weeks ago French exam later today, I am kind of astound that I even made it to the party! croissant

I was so busy that I didn’t even bring any food with me yesterday and had to make do with what the cafeteria offers. This resulted in croissant (sorry, I was so hungry at that point, that I started eating before I remembered to take a picture) and petit creme for breakfast, plus the banana I threw in my purse.fruits

 The apple was devoured later in the afternoon alongside a hot chocolate from the vending machine, to make up for me not being able to eat the yogurt I purchased alongside lunch…carrot coriander soup

 Because I forgot to keep the soup spoon for it. I had soup out of a cup with free baguette – the amazing thing about a French cafeteria, you can take as much baguette as you like with your lunch. The soup was carrot coriander and I really liked it. Sadly a small cup is never enough.sunny day

 Yesterday was the first day in a while that I left school and managed to still catch a few sun rays. I headed home to Skype with Jay while cooking dinner and booking his return tickets (who wants to think about that before he’s even here?). I barely managed to eat a few spoonfuls before I headed over to the girls next door for French exam preparation – and don’t even ask, I don’t feel prepared whatsoever.ratatouille pasta

Making it back home around 10 pm, I finally managed to fill myself a bowl with my recent go-to-dinner: orecchiette pasta (my favorite type) with ratatouille and salmon patty chunks. Might sound weird, but it’s so easy to make and tastes divine – especially if I get the perfect ratio of pasta to ratatouille – didn’t do well yesterday, too much pasta, I prefer it on the soupy side. I ended my day by mindlessly passing out in front of the Bachelor. By the way, is it only me or is Juan Pablo slightly cross-eyed?

I’ll send you over with this important question in mind to our amazing host Jenn where you can probably see a lot more exciting, vibrant and delicious What I Ate Wednesday eats, than I had to offer today:

Save to say that I don’t do that well with my veggie intake these days – who’s gotta time to worry, though? And I am quite sure there was at least half a carrot in this cup of soup… and doesn’t baguette count as French vegetable anyways? All right, let’s stop here before it get’s even weirder and let me go back to work. Only 3 more days left!!!

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15 Comments on What I Ate Wednesday {in France #7}

  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with Jay and your family! There’s time for filling your plate with veggies and then there’s a time when there are more important foods to stuff your face with :-) Have a blast, Lady! And btw that carott counts of course ;-)

  2. Everything looks delicious, but then it probably was in Paris! Have a great day!

  3. Everything tastes better in Paris! I miss it so much, but love seeing your breakfast of a croissant and lots of bread throughout the day. Such a lovely place and amazing culture.

  4. Ooh la la… french baguettes and croissants. I’d be in heaven if I could eat that everyday. Hope you did good in your exam!

  5. I go through periods where my veggie intake seems to drop dramatically as well — I’m actually in one of those right now and I don’t even have the excuse of being too busy to cook up healthier meals ;) I find that things have a way of balancing out, though… I know I’ll have a day where all I want to eat is fruits and salads, but for now? Bring on the oats and pancakes!

    • So true. I had a huge warm spinach and carrot salad for lunch today and was craving apples all day. Guess as soon as the vending-machine-diet period is over I will be all over the fruits and vegs. For now I roll with it, since there is much more important stuff to worry about ;)

  6. Ooooh Paris. I’m now on the the mood for Parisian culture and cuisine – great eats!

  7. I adore French food, and I was salivating over that croissant and baguette. Good luck with the French exam, I’m studying it too so I know how hard it can be!

  8. I want some bread now… and I love that the vending machines have apples!

  9. Such a typical French day of eats haha! Croissants and baguettes… sounds like the good life to me ;)

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