I’m in France!

Hello friends, long time no see! I hope you all had a great start of 2014 and the holiday blues didn't hit you too hard. As you all probably know by now, I had no time for holiday blues - if you can even talk of holidays considering the move and that I had to get everything ready for France. But as I promised, now that I finally made it to France, I am back with a more regular posting schedule. Though I haven't made up my mind what that actually means. I really want to take part in the What I Ate Wednesday party and also in Amanda's new Thinking Out Loud link up and I'll restart my Open Mind Weekly on Sundays. Everything in between is going to be freestyle for now. I am not sure when the next recipe will be coming your way since I have to adapt to the restricted kitchen space and appliances (no baking oven for 4 months!!!). But enough pie in the sky, let's see the pictures Jay took of our road trip on Friday!

We set off in Germany at 7 am and arrived in France at 5 pm. Ten hours of driving and due to Jay having a bad cold I drove them all myself. He had his hands full taking care of the cat, himself and the pictures. The first part of the trip was early morning and dark, a huge part of the drive through France was super rainy and windy and therefore most of the pictures were taken shortly after passing the border from Belgium to France (documented by the overexposed shot of the “Welcome in France” sign) and shortly before arriving in Rennes. We also passed two awesome bridges in Le Havre, which were super high and gave an awesome view over the Seine, if you aren’t clinging to the steering wheel for dear life, hoping that your 14 year old Nissan Micra is making it through the storm all the way up to the top. But my parents promised to take pictures on their way home and they hopefully send them over the next days. 

Though we were super happy to arrive in Rennes the first view of the apartment was a slight shock. I knew that it only had 20 m². Rents are a lot higher in Rennes as where I come from in Germany, thus I couldn’t afford a bigger place. Still I didn’t imagine that it would be that tiny. The pictures above were taken, while I was staying on top of my bed. My parents slept on a huge blow-up mattress, which we needed to lean against the wall to put up the breakfast table. I’ll show you the kitchenette another time as soon as I got everything set up. Good thing is that I have a lot of storage room under the roof pitch. What else made me overcome the shock pretty fast, is that I can use the washing machine and dryer in the basement, the kitchen is well equipped and tidy and the internet worked from the first day. If you ever spend a semester abroad you will understand how important these things are. 


Another thing that made me really happy this weekend is that Lou slept throughout most of the drive and wasn’t complaining at all. She loves the new place with all of it’s corners and cupboards. Plus now she can torture me all night by jumping on to the bed, running through the room and making lot’s of noise. Any tips on how to share a bedroom with a cat and still get some sleep? My eye circles are quite bad at the moment.

IMG_2709 Still, I am happy to have my furry baby here with me. It makes the apartment feel a lot more like home. IMG_2705

After our breakfast on Saturday and Jay’s attempts on food photography – yes, this is a baguette and also the first prejudice which was proven to be true, the french really love their baguettes, the boulangeries are full of them – we explored the city center.

Most of the buildings look old and romantic and there are tiny stores and restaurants all over the place. I cannot wait for better weather to take a walk by myself and treat myself to some french cookbooks. We visited two old churches, a wine store and a chocolate store, where I purchased some macaroons to share for dessert and an electrical store to buy a water kettle. I just cannot live without my tea and I hate to heat up water on the stove every time. After a few hours of walking and pointing at everything with excitement, we decided to have a late lunch at a crêperie - thinking back, it might have been me talking about crêpes the whole day and making the others go…

Best decision ever! The savory crêpes were made with buckwheat flour and we enjoyed them with a cup of cider. Mine was filled with a winning combination of ratatouille and chicken, but the egg was too runny for my taste and I gave it to Jay. We went back early to purchase some French groceries for my parents to take back home and passed out in bed early, since the alarm went off at 5 am on Sunday to get them ready for their drive back home. sunrise

Jay send me this sunrise picture from their road trip back. I miss him like crazy already. Good thing that his train ticket is booked for the first of march. This way it will only be two months without him. I am busy finishing my master thesis until he comes and he is preparing for his finals. This should make the time go by a lot faster. 

Oh, and in case you wonder why I didn’t put up this post yesterday: the university welcome team organised a spontaneous city trip, which I joined and I met a group of girls, who are living literally next door. And I thought I would be on my own these first two weeks till classes start. Funny how things work out sometimes. 

Hope you all had an awesome weekend! I’ll start working on my thesis now. Wish me luck with concentrating.

Does someone know where to get sellotape or towels in France? Any tips on how to sleep through with a crazy cat in the room?

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8 Comments on I’m in France!

  1. I am beyond jealous right now! I wish I was galavanting around France with you right now! Think of all the fun we’d have….

    Enjoy!! xoxoxoxo

    Ps. For sleep, I suggest drugging yourself with Ativan. Hahahahaha

    • I bet we’d have the most awesome time! But Hawaii isn’t too bad either ;) If you are still deciding to hop over to Europe anytime soon: bring your running shoes and stretchy pants. The landscape is super beautiful and the food to die for!

      Hahaha, and thanks for the Ativan recommendation. If she won’t let me sleep through for another week, I might take it into consideration ;)

  2. Glad you made it there safely and are getting settled in! You have no idea how much I wish I were you right now! Keep us posted on everything :)

  3. OH MY GOSH! I’m so jealous that you’re in France studying abroad! I plan to go to Bordeaux next Fall and could not be more excited.

    Soak up the culture! Love the kitty pictures- more please ;)

    • Going to Bordeaux sounds awesome. It must be so beautiful, especially in Fall! I hope that I can make it to southern France while I am staying here. I would definitely love to see more of the country. And I am surely soaking as much of this exciting culture as I can.

  4. I don’t know how late I am to the party but you should be able to pick up sellotape in a large supermarket (or a post office) and towels you can also get in hypermarchés if you have any…

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