You guys, I fetched the key to my French home yesterday! I also saw some pictures of the house and the land lady explained me on some pictures (in French, but mostly with hands and feet) which key opens which door and where to find my apartment. It wasn't too hard since the house has only two floors and I do understand some French, though I barely speak any yet. But she is really such a darling and demonstrated by walking upstairs and pointing on a wall where I'll find the door to my apartment. I gave her a box of pralinés before leaving and recited the one sentence which I repeated over and over the whole drive: "Un petit merci pour votre aide." I even looked up how to pronounce "aide". I bet she was pretty impressed :D or not 


Right now I am actually sitting in the midst of half packed boxes, while some craftsmen are renovating/fixing stuff in the bathroom. Lou is hidden under my bed – she hates the sound of stomping men feet and drills. So I thought it would be time for a coffee break and sharing with you some bits and pieces of what I am most excited about going to France in 2 weeks!!!


france road trip

That’s right. I am really one of these people who cannot wait for the nine hour drive from Germany to France. Lucky girl: my parents and Jay are bringing me to Rennes. In my car Jay and I have the additional challenge of taking Lou with us. Does someone have any experience with road trips and cats? I am wondering how to solve the toilette situation, if you know what I mean. Recommendations are really appreciated!

French Language

I cannot wait to learn some French and actually use it. Let’s be frank here: so far I’ve been mostly focusing on how to get food. 


ESC Rennes

I was dreaming of being a student since the early age of ten. My dream universities were made of old stone and looked like castles. Think of Cambridge, Harvard, Hogwarts. The reality of my German university are industrialized buildings from the sixties. You can call it what you want, but it’s definitely not pretty. So I enjoy to go to much prettier universities abroad. Fudan university in Shanghai had an adorable campus and the ESC Rennes hasa palm tree in the entrance building and a new library building which opens in January.


As some of you may know I’ve been born in Russia. One of my favorite Russian foods are blini. Not those small thick ones which are served with caviar, but the ones which look pretty much like a French crêpe. A recent trend in Moscow are small stores which serve all different kinds of blini from sweet to savory. How happy I was to hear from a friend, who just came back from her semester in Rennes, that there are small crêperies all over the town! That’s what makes a foodie heart jump.

French Wine and Cheese

wine and cheese

And though I am not much of a cheese eater – young camembert, gouda and goat cheese are pretty much all I have on a regular base – I cannot wait to experience this part of the French culture. Especially when it comes with a glass of red wine, something I am quite fond of.

French Market

french market

French markets are well known for their variety of fresh ingredients and French people set great value upon the quality of their food. I cannot wait to fill my bags with fresh fruits and veg, baguette and cheese!



I tried these delicacies for the first time this march at the Paris airport, when I made a stopover on my flight to Istanbul. Ever since I’ve been hooked. 

I could totally go on with the food parade, but I assume you got the idea. If you would enjoy some more Francipation you should hop over to pinterest and flip through my board. All pictures but for the keys are also taken from there.


Did someone of you visit France before or dream of doing so? What were your favorite things or what would you love to do and see when you go there?

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11 Comments on Francipation!

  1. Eeep not long now! I think you already have my email but if you need help for anything just ask me ok? I’m in Caen so really not far from Rennes and French universities are notorious for being unhelpful with everything admin related.
    Crêperies are the best, I love love galettes (savory crêpes) they are sooo delicious!

    • Annie, you are the best! I saved your email the last time we wrote and I am pretty sure that I’ll make use of it as soon as I am in Rennes :) Good thing my land lady was so helpful to fill out all of the CAF forms with me. It would have taken me hours!

      • Ah yes.. the caf! That’s a commando mission all on its own lol! Anyway, hope you have fabulous holidays and I’m excited to hear all about your French adventures :)

  2. Oh wow France! I’m very excited on your behalf ;) I’ve been to Paris twice but nowhere else in the country – Rennes sounds fun though! I think like yourself I would be majorly excited by the food! Love how passionate the French are about it

  3. How time flies by! You’ll be in France so soon already! I’m already looking forward to reading about your experiences. Also, I hear you on the disappointment when starting my studies and noticing just how far from my expectations German universities where.
    My family and I have been to France numerous times before but after a not-so-pleasant incident we haven’t felt all that intrigued by it anymore. Not to say France wasn’t a beautiful country, though.
    [And I know I still owe you a mail. I’ve been out of the loop since starting my internship. Soon, promise!]

    • Tell me about it! I feel like it was August just yesterday. And now it is Christmas. Boom. Nevertheless I cannot wait to go and enjoy my time abroad.
      Don’t worry about the mail! I haven’t had time for nothing recently. Don’t know how many people wait for messages from me. Hope you enjoy your internship! Cannot wait to hear more about it.

  4. I am so so soooo excited to follow your journey. I did an exchange in France in high school and visited again a few years ago. I am still so in love with that beautiful country and it would be a dream to live there one day. For now I’ll live vicariously through you :)

  5. I just found your blog on Pinterest. I love it! Wish I was as together as you are when I was 24! Enjoy your French adventure. I’ve had brief stays there and envy your extended one. ;)

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