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And it’s Tuesday already. Sorry guys, Monday flew by and I really didn’t manage to join the Marvelous Monday party earlier. Instead I enjoyed to fill my kitchen with heaps of fruit so necessary to get the vitamins in this season, got some work done a.k.a. taught my replacement how to get my work done, had an awesome evening at the Christmas market with my associates I am really going to miss them so much and even managed to watch Mulan, while cuddling with Lou before bed.

Though I don’t have any Thanksgiving celebrations or Black Friday shopping to share, as we don’t have any of these in Germany, I had a pretty awesome weekend. And was kindly allowed to take some pictures of Jay’s and my food at our favorite Running sushi place. He also counted how many plates we ate all together, we’ve been curious ever since our pile nearly reached the roof last time. All right, probably not, but you get what I mean. Still, his cooperation ended there, he sadly wasn’t in the mood for being on picture this day.

We had somewhat around 32 plates, though in our defense we should probably mention that some of them were actually filled with fruits and vegetables. The remaining Saturday was spent baking Whoopie Pies, drinking the first mulled wine of the season and watching various episodes of Elementary. One of my favorite series. Thus we had a slightly preponed Sunday, which is usually our relax day. But this Sunday was Leo cookie baking day: I spent most of it with rolled up sleeves, elbow-deep in some dough, while the five kids of the kind host, who offers us to bake at his house every year, where running around with cookie cutters munching my whoopie pies. So much fun, but also pretty exhausting. And look what mess we made:

Good thing, that cleaning up is done pretty fast with 12 hands… and good thing the kids were in bed by then.

Hope you guys had a marvelous weekend, too! Did you drink some mulled wine or bake some cookies?

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