What I Ate Yesterday (cause it was not Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday my foodie-friends!

Did you enjoy those last days of fall as much as I did? And what a beautiful fall day yesterday was!

Though it was dark and cold when I woke up…

breakfast: mango and persimmon with cottage cheese and butter milk, topped off with a few hazelnuts

I whipped up one of my favorite breakfasts, that I did not have for years – fruit and butter milk. I did add some fancy extras to kick up my mood; since it is bad enough that I had to leave the bed.

And though I had to run for groceries after morning class and came back home with a hunger monster in my tummy…

Pad Thai sans the noodles (by Andie): with coconut oil instead of sesame, mango chunks instead of the sugar, cashews instead of peanuts and some black sesame seeds on top plus the shrimps for protein (I did also add some hot sauce after taking the picture)

… this lunch was totally worth the waiting. It is a keeper! You should try.

Afterwards I had some kitchen action going on. Preparing food for the next days (read: huge batch of chunky apple sauce, dinner – see below, big bowl of salad) and baking another version of my previously mentioned Banookies (check out the original recipe here).

snack: iced coffee and one (who am I kidding – it was more like 4) Banookie(s) “brown rice style” (recipe will be up later this week)

And though I hate that it gets dark so early that my dinner pictures just su**!&$! …

dinner: Miso Rice Soup with broccoli, hokkaido, carrot, tofu and Shanghai vinegar (the black stuff) plus hot sauce (the red stuff)

… moments like this make fall the most beautiful of all seasons:

View out of my car, driving home after class.

*Note: I do not claim my meals to picture every single thing I eat in a day. E.g. I also had a whole wheat bun in university, a lot of apple sauce tasting and crisp bread with blueberry spread at some point today… and I would not wonder if I forgot something here. 

So, before the season is over, I would like to know:

What makes you love (stand) fall?

11 Comments on What I Ate Yesterday (cause it was not Wednesday)

  1. Your dinner looks great! I love miso soup with rice and tofu!
    I don’t like fall at all. It’s very dark, foggy, and grey around here. Last time I saw a tiny ray of sunlight was on Sunday I think. What I do like about fall is that my favorite Hokkaido squash is on sale everywhere. Need to buy another one!

  2. The miso soup looks delicious! Do you have a recipe?!

  3. Miso Rice Soup? Looks so good and comforting. Do you have a recipe for it?

    What I love most about Fall are the changing leaves and walks in the Fall sun. I swear sun in Fall is different than in other seasons. Actually, the sun’s special in every season, in my opinion.

  4. Oh that picture is gorgeous. I love the little twinkles of pink and white light.

    And I totally agree with the others that that soup looks delicious. Tis the season for soup! :)

  5. I find the best ways to get through the darker days of fall are making fires, knitting and drinking tea.

  6. That pad Thai looks so good!! I’ve been in serious withdrawal from Thai food ever since I left Thailand back in April. I also have to make those scrumptious-looking banookies :)

  7. What a yummy breakfast! Fruit and buttermilk is a great combo. I need to have it again sometime soon!

  8. What a great days of eats. It all looks wonderful, and I’m with you on the lightning.

  9. It gets dark here around 4 so I’m less than thrilled with my food photos. Yours still look great though. Can’t wait to try the banookies.

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