What I Ate Wednesday {Less Pictures More Facts}

Whoooooosh! That’s how fast the first days of this week passed by. I had a lot of classes, worked a little bit and am on the run to a girls night out with some of my new classmates. And it is exhausting yet so exciting. Luckily tomorrow is German Unification Day and I can spend it catching up on accounting and marketing basics and have some boyfriend time, which will be rare in the next weeks, since both of us are starting at a new university. I hope this is excuse enough for not illustrating my entire day of food, but making up with not only a report of today’s food but also my activities.

06:30 Got up and took a shower. Prepared some food and coffee. Headed to class.

08:00 First class of the day: International Consumer Goods Marketing

09:30 Break = Breakfast time. I had half a toastie with goat cheese (that’s what happens when I don’t take the time for grocery shopping) and a piece of banana bread.

10:00 Second class or rather proceeding of the first.

11:30 Got a book on marketing basics and passed the grocery store on my way back home.

13:00 Lunch which looks like breakfast.

low-fat curd, half a peach, cereals and cashew butter

13:30 Reviewing some marketing basics and having an unpleasant phone conversations with a trickster who tried to get my account data.

Afternoon snacking: Finally some seriously good vegetarian (no gelatin) fruit gums…

and some pretzels!

15:30 Heading back to university.

16:00 Third class: Due Diligence. Which was horror and showed me that I have to study even harder than expected.

17:30 Heading to the library a second time this day, getting books on accounting and controlling.

18:00 Back home, cooking up dinner.

Butternut Squash Carrot Soup with White Wine and Baked Tofu Cubes

Russian ice cream for dessert.

19:00 Starting with catching up on accounting basics.

20:00 Getting ready for going out.

20:30 Now.

So, I hope you still enjoyed my slightly different Tuesday report.

Is anyone of you studying? What is your major?

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8 Comments on What I Ate Wednesday {Less Pictures More Facts}

  1. My goodness, what a busy day! Your soup looks delicious though girl xo

  2. Love the looks of that soup. Butternut squash and carrots. Yum. Do you make that yourself?

  3. Wow, that really is a busy day! Hope you got to have a nice and relaxed evening.
    I wish I ate such good food on busy days but I suck at preparing the right dishes. My food on stressful days tends to be boooring.

  4. i love posts that break down the day so i can see what others’ lives look like. AND i love lunches that look like breakfasts!!

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