{goals for the weeks ahead}

As I may have mentioned a few times already, sorry for overstressing your patience, my MA classes (International Management) are starting next week. I am still going to continue to work 10 hours per week (in the administration of a private university as marketing assistance) and adding in a few career-promoting weekend workshops around the topic “sustainable development”. You see, I have a few busy busy weeks ahead and I thought it would be best to prepare myself by making a list (oh man, do I love my lists) with goals.

  • counting calorie’s on a weekly base
    – I am not a fan of obsessing over calories, but recently I started to have a rough estimate again, since this helps a lot if you plan to loose a few pounds. Andie (Can You Stay For Dinner?) just wrote a great post about counting calories on a weekly base, instead of daily, and made me really want to try this approach.
  • including regular activities, but not obsessing over them
    – that is definitely too time consuming – Someone who totally get’s my approach on sport and fitness is Amanda (Running With Spoons), she posted a great summary here.
  • preparing foods 2 grab for the week on Sunday’s
    – Stay tuned for some posts and recipes on that topic!
  • having prepared my work-study schedule at the beginning of every week
    – Organization is so important if you have a lot of work to fit in so little time. So I try to keep my workload scheduled and have an outlook at least a week ahead at hand.
  • making time for friends and family, but also for myself
    – Most important thing if you plan to keep sane throughout an insane time. Family and friends help a lot in keeping you down to earth and your hapiness-levels high. You should also never forget that you might need some time just for yourself. In my case that can be an hour of reading and cuddling my kitty – in your case getting a manicure – whatever it is, remember to leave a free spot in your schedule.
  • blogging
    – it can be quite time consuming and stressing, but I enjoy it so much to share some thoughts with you guy’s and create recipes. This one might actually count as “myself-time” and I hope that I can keep up to post at least 2 times per week – but as with the food and excercise part, I just do not want to get too stressed out with it.

Some tips what else could be important to keep in mind when times get more busy?

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  1. To me, time for myself is essential. If I don’t get it, I get stressed out and cranky. My tip would be, apart from getting me-time, to allow for some flexibility. Have some open spots or spontaneously change tasks/activities if it suits you better. If you have a very rigid plan, you’ll go mad after some time and give it up. Hope you had a great week so far!

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